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Do you listen to music or do you just skim through it?

Aight yo, using Songspin is pretty self explanatory. Type in the song(s) you wish to analyze as shown below. Songspin will find the lyrics from (formerly rapgenius) and then perform various calculations. That's really all there is to it! Please be patient as it can often take 20-30 seconds to run. This could prolly be reduced by adding a caching mechanism, but hey, I'm lazy.

Songspin is a mashup of a few different open source technologies, though I did end up writing the rhyme processing code myself. For more info, head to the about page.

Getting started...
Let's get this party started.

Single song analysis:

Song comparison: x
Note that you must type the song name(s) fairly accurately as the app always pulls lyrics from the first search result on I tend to have the best luck entering songs in the form of "[artist] [title]" (no dash/hyphen as this sometimes confuses the search engine, lol), as shown in the textboxes above. Please be patient as it can often take 20-30 seconds to run.
 The Basics...
What up, son.

Songspin is a web app that calculates various lyrical statistics about user-specified hiphop songs. The stats calculated include average rhyme scheme length, average # of syllables per rhyming word, rhyme density, overall song sentiment/polarity (either positive, negative, or neutral, with an associated confidence level), and some other fun stuff like possible hashtags. It also displays graphs of the aforementioned stats, and is capable of both single song analysis as well as a comparison of 2 songs. To get started, enter the song(s) you wish to analyze on the left under the 'Getting Started' tab. The specifics of the stats can be found on the definitons page, and further info about how the app works is available in the about section.